This group of  motors is divided into four main categories.
The first is direct drive DC motors.
The second is gear-head DC motors.
The third is worm gear motors.
The fourth is stepper motors.
The fifth  is  miscellaneous, which includes all other types
plus related devices.

These motors range from brand new to used. 
They are all in good working condition unless otherwise stated.
The prices listed for each motor takes into account the
 usage or wear that the motor may already have on it.


1. The upper voltage limit (if not known) was determined by 
running the motors and then recording the voltage at which the 
sound or vibration seemed to start becoming excessive. 
The lower limit is the voltage necessary to just start the motor running.

2.  The weights of the motors are recorded to the nearest five grams.

3.  The voltages, currents and speeds were digitally measured.